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December 25th, 2015 (07:40 pm)

sg_bee [userpic]

A Toy Mitchells Story - Part 3

December 4th, 2008 (09:50 pm)

A Toy Story Fic - Mitchells' story - THE ESCAPE

I left suddenly in my last entry

Thought I heard someone coming.
It was just the hamster kept in a cage next to me.

Here I am with said hamster.
As you may know i have escaped the clutches of the evil fangirl keeping me inprisoned
this is how i did it (all without the help of Sam or Daniel)

Once i came to the conclusion i was in fact a toy, i ame up with various ways to escape.
First time it didn't work. The cat picked me up and was chewing on me. Not good.
My second plan worked ALOT better.
While the fangirl was out of the house I freed myself from the packaging with my sword, logged onto her internet and bought a replacemnt of me on the internet!
4 days later my replacement arrived. I had to get to the post before the fangirl, i tell ya that was quite a job. I then had to drag my replacement into my spot.
Once he was in the correct postion i found an envelope with an address on it - the sender from what i gather from over heard conversations is in the possesion of Sheppard! With a giant pen I wrote out this address then hiding in the envolope waited to be posted. The fangirl posted me without even known it!.

I spent several time in the post and I tell ya those posties are rough with the packages! Good thinig I'm plastic!

I will now spend my time kirking the universe with Shep as my side kick (just don't tell him that)

sg_bee [userpic]

A Toy Mitchells Story - Part 2

November 21st, 2008 (10:30 pm)

A Toy Story Fic - Mitchells' story

I've lost count of how long it's been days are mingling into night then back into days
but I'm still trapped in this casing but from up here i have a good view of my prison I still can't work out why I am now plastic, mabye it is some sort of technology of this race to create clones to gain information but I have no idea where my physical body is then.
So far i have learned that they are alot like us, the one keeping me inprisoned seems like alot like the girls from home - but with more piercings. Also I'm not keen on her taste in music. She seems to spend alot of time changing her clothes and applying make up. Not that I've been looking at her naked. Ok I may have peeked a bit but when I've been observing her getting dressed and undressed every day how could I not. I even witnessed some 'naughty' acts with a male member of her race.
Daniel would love to take a look at their social habits - it seems they gather in groups who drink cider or rose wine.  And not just a glass or two, but she keeps coming back into the room late at night and stumbling her way to bed.
Shes not taken me out of this prison for awhile - just left me here. Last time she did take me out a huge cat was smelling me and shoved it's butt in my face seems their life forms are alot like ours - mabye this even an alternative reality I some how got sucked into. Damn where IS Sam when you need her.
I've noticed i'm not feeling unger or thirst, odd. I wouldn't mind a cold beer though.
If she won't take me out and give me a chance to escape I'm going to have to find my own way out.

Wait, whats that? I think theres someone here with me
Have to go

sg_bee [userpic]

A Toy Mitchells Story

November 16th, 2008 (02:24 pm)

A Toy Story Fic - Mitchells' story

Would be great if Sam was here - get me out of this mess with someone sort gadget.
I'll fill you in on the details.
I woke up in complete blackness, unable to move and no idea what the hell was happening. My body felt odd and I had no memory of getting here. Several days later I was still stuck like this until I saw some light appear and the lid to whatever the hell I was in was removed. I was taken out of this 'box' to find I was encased in somesort of clear plastic type material.

A face appeared infront of me, she mentioned the words whumping and thunking . This may be code for some sort of torture, I must not reveal information on the Stargate program at all costs. The encasing holding me in place was removed and I was freed from my prison. I had a P90 placed in my hand, before I could act I was prodded in all sorts of places and this person attempted to remove my clothing. For some reason she failed it was then that I realised - my clothes were plastic and PAINTED on. This race look like us but alot bigger - even spoke English. I think they refer to themselves as 'fangirls' from what I could hear.

I heard this person talk about Sheppard, if Sheppards around here somewhere I have to find him. Find out what the hell is going on here.

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